Reset Fortigate Password

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Setup and Troubleshooting Foritgate firewalls.


Works only on console port!!!!
Here are the instructions to login to a FortiGate firewall when the admin password is unknown. You will not find this information in fortinets knowledge base.

1. Power off the Fortigate unit by unplugging the power cable.

2. Connect to the console port with a serial cable. Launch Putty or winterm and connect to the port with default com settings.

3. Power on the fortigate firewall.

4. At the login: prompt enter maintainer

5. At the password: prompt enter bcpb The serial number is on the bottom of the unit and you will see it during boot. The userid and password need to be entered within 30-60 seconds or you will get “The hashed password length is invalid”



Serial number: FWF60B3908617986 ß Serial Number

RAM activation

Total RAM: 256MB

Enabling cache…Done.

Scanning PCI bus…Done.

Allocating PCI resources…Done.

Enabling PCI resources…Done.

Zeroing IRQ settings…Done.

Verifying PIRQ tables…Done.

Boot up, boot device capacity: 64MB.

Press any key to display configuration menu…


Reading boot image 1983899 bytes.

Initializing firewall…

System is started.

VOALOANER login: maintainer ß Enter within 30-60 seconds

Password: bcpbFWF60B3908617986 ß Enter within 30-60 seconds

Welcome !



7 thoughts on “Reset Fortigate Password

  1. Hidayathulla Khan says:

    Thanks Man

    its working great.

    thanks a lot.

  2. Maggiore81 says:

    IT doesn’t work on a Fortinet 50A

  3. Chandan Dey says:


    I have configure 50B in simple way.. ( Interfaces wan1 and internal, default policies and default route.) Here I am able to get my device working.
    But when I tried in 60C by doing all its not working.
    Problem, form LAN pool I am not able to ping any remote IP address not even 60C WAN IP, able to ping IP of internal interface. Where as I am able to ping form LAN IP and remote IP’s for 60C console.

    That’s why I am not able to use 60C.
    If any body can hlp me, I’ll be thankful.

    Chandan Dey

  4. LUIS says:


  5. Chupong says:

    It’s work on FortiGate-60.

    The serial number show on screen when boot is FGT-60xxxxxxxxxx
    So password is bcpbFGT-60xxxxxxxxxx, must have ‘-‘.

    Thank you very much.

  6. David Batten says:

    This DID work on my FORTIWIFI 60A
    Make sure you enter the info between 30 and 60 seconds after applying power. It will not be finished booting, but enter anyway. I used the paste to host.
    Enter “bcpbFWF60xxxxxxxxxxx” for the password replacing the S/N after FWF for your own and not “bcpbFGTxxxxxxxxxxxxx” as is list on some pages.
    I was then able to execute the factory reset command.
    “execute factoryreset”

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